Make it Free

We have a very different client base than your typical consulting firm.  We welcome working with any socially-grounded start-ups, nonprofits in need of a fresh perspective, and organizations in a tough spot.  We prioritize working with organizations run and staffed by women, people of color, immigrants, and other traditionally-oppressed people.  And we’re especially interested in working with you if you’ve got a great idea or a great organization, but can’t afford the boost you need to take the next step.

We want consulting services to be accessible to those who can’t usually afford or access a consultant, like beginning-stage start-ups and people living outside the USA.

For those clients who can afford to pay, we offer our services on a sliding scale.  And in order to provide consulting services to those who cannot afford them, we are seeking funders and grants.  If you, as individuals or organizations, want to support nonprofits and social enterprises and the communities we serve, help us to cover our clients’ consulting fees: contact us to make a donation today.